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Initial Brief on Merits


If you’ve followed along on some of my previous posts then you might recall the Mold nightmare we experienced in the rental property that was supposed to be our family’s forever home.

The fact is that everyone willing to listen to the story cannot believe how the landlord Gordon Williams is still in business. Absent entertaining the diatribe on the malfeasance promulgated by unscrupulous Realtors, moreover the machinations which predicate it.

The following is my first ever Appellant brief. Unfortunately, I learned a long time ago, that there is law, and then there is reality. Similarly, everyone who believes justice is blind hasn’t had the misfortune of litigating as a “Pro se” Latin for “in one owns behalf.”

Insofar as law and reality, the reality is, that the system of justice is fraught with systemic inequities which have a profoundly negative effect on society.

My experience with systemic failures is one of the multitudes of reasons why I decided to build this media company, along with my decision to run for Senate in Florida’s 2022 election, against a little-known incumbent. (pun intended)

So without further ado, I present to you my first ever Appellant Brief for your reading entertainment. Feel free to download and above all share, for it is the power of the spread which acts as the catalyst for change.