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Language about “returning to normal” or “returning to pre-COVID conditions” ignores the reality that, for many of us, such returns are simply not possible, write Brandy L. Simula and Kate Willink. kraphix/istock/getty images plus

As colleges and universities emerge from the height of the pandemic period, providing spaces and opportunities for faculty members to process and reflect on their experiences during the last 17 months is an important component of moving forward. As we plan for the new academic year, pausing to acknowledge the trauma, grief and exhaustion faculty experienced during the pandemic is vital to helping them navigate the current stage of the pandemic. Recognizing the Long-Term Impact on Faculty Well-Being

In our work with faculty members across multiple higher ed institutions, we have frequently found that while some are feeling excited and optimistic about plans for moving to fully in-person instruction in the upcoming academic year, many are experiencing significant grief, exhaustion and trauma from the pandemic and resulting sea changes to our professional and personal lives. In addition, uncertainty and anxiety about what the new academic year will hold — and all the changes required in transitioning back to primarily or exclusively in-person work — are causing […]

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