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Instructional Design in Education: Through a Designer’s Lens


Amidst the sweeping changes taking place in higher education and society alike, colleges and universities are faced with the challenge of developing a product that addresses the needs of our complex and volatile world. Our graduates must not only retain the learning derived from subject-specific coursework but also acquire professional skills that will allow them to succeed across diverse environments.

Rather than adhere to outdated conceptions of what constitutes higher education, our obligation as instructional designers is now to empower our learners with the skills that will enable them to be critical thinkers with an aptitude for flexibility and creative problem-solving.

This shift to skills-based education is in direct alignment with shifts in design practices at SNHU. In “6 Reasons Why Higher Education Needs to Be Disrupted,” Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Becky Frankiewicz note that today’s learners are seeking skills, not titles. We are learning increasingly through research that the most important thing college can teach you is how to remain adaptive and flexible. Chamorro-Premuzic and Frankiewicz maintain that college credentials are becoming less important to employers than new hires who exhibit the ability to learn new things and readily absorb change. A Changing Lens for Instructional Designers in Higher Education

When […]

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