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Intel boasts 50 new 12th-gen CPUs at CES 2022 (and the Arc discrete GPU, too)


Intel Intel dropped an Acme anvil of 12th-generation ( Alder Lake ) processors on us at CES 2022 : That’s 22 for PCs, eight for gaming laptops , six in a new P series, 10 U series for thin-and-lights and four for cheap laptops and Chromebooks.

AMD’s new deluge of processors looks like a drizzle in comparison. And as usual, you should expect a corresponding flood of system-refreshing upgrading to the new processors. Intel says that for creative work, its most powerful chips can outperform an Apple M1 series-equipped MacBook. Get the CNET Now newsletter

“Starting today, we’re bringing our new hybrid architecture to performance laptops,” the leader of Intel’s PC chip business, Gregory Bryant, said at an online launch event. The top-end H series chips are up to 40% faster than last year’s Tiger Lake equivalents, he said. Intel’s Alder Lake chips, already shipping in high-end desktop PCs, combine two types of processing cores to balance performance and efficiency.

Intel also announced it’s shipping its first Arc discrete graphics chip, an important effort to take on Nvidia and AMD given that GPUs run more and more software. The first to incorporate the Intel Arc graphics chip is the Acer […]

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