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Intersection Between Animal Exploitation and Other Social Justice Issues


For animal advocates, our cause can often feel overwhelming. Billions of animals are slaughtered and used each year for food, clothing, entertainment, and experiments. There’s also the wild animal trade to consider and the millions of animals bred as companions and living in shelters. Because of this, animal advocacy usually becomes our primary focus. However, the world continues to face economic, gender, racial, and other social inequalities. These problems are often portrayed as separate from animal issues, making it difficult to prioritize our time.

The good news is that we don’t need to work at solving animal injustice to the exclusion of social justice issues and vice versa. Justice isn’t a zero-sum game. Animal and other social justice issues stem from the same systems of oppression as white supremacy , patriarchy, and colonialism. To create a truly just world, we can — and we must — work on animal and social justice in tandem, not separately.

In our recent Animal & Social Justice Fundamentals , we broke down some of the key issues of overlap between animal injustice and other forms of injustice in society. Below, we explore just a few of them. Farming and Labor

There are no two […]

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