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Investing For Climate Change Means Investing In Healthcare


Remnants Of Hurricane Ida Move Through Northeast Causing Widespread Flooding (Photo by David Dee … [+] As congress debates the merits of tying 3.5 trillion dollars in social spending to a bipartisan infrastructure bill, the ongoing pandemic combined severe weather across the gulf and east coasts have made the gaps in our health and civil infrastructure more apparent than ever.

What’s also more clear is that investing in our health systems is part of preparing for a climate-changed world.

A May report from McKinsey & Company makes the case for investing in our healthcare to reduce the likelihood of future pandemics: “infectious diseases will continue to emerge, and a vigorous program of capacity building will prepare the world to respond better than we have so far to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

But public health officials are noticing that climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of direct human health consequences that go beyond staving off a future pandemic. Basic Health Impacts

As natural disasters like floods, cyclones and storms increase, so do the cases of blunt force injuries, falls, and crashes. Orthopedic injuries increase during floods , peaking weeks later as displaced people return to reclaim their damaged property. These injuries […]

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