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Investing in digital infrastructure to accelerate the circular economy

Courtesy of Getty Images Close Authorship In a digitized world, we are more connected than ever. This article is sponsored by Cisco .

To shift from a take-make-waste linear economy to a resource efficient circular one, companies need to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and restore natural ecosystems. But shifting systems is a heavy lift and will require collaboration with many stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

The European Green Deal is a strategic growth plan intended to make Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050 — restoring biodiversity, cutting pollution and transitioning to a circular economy. Even while responding to the global pandemic, sustainability has remained a top priority across many European governments and the pandemic has strengthened a resolve to reimagine business as usual.

Digitization is a key component of the European Green Deal. The plan requires at least 37 percent of total pandemic recovery expenditure to go towards investments that support climate objectives and 20 percent towards developing digital infrastructure. Digitization technologies provide many important building blocks for the circular economy. Digital infrastructure’s role in the circular economy

Transitioning to a circular economy for physical goods requires resource management designed […]

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