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Investors: Here Is The Best Website For Economy And Financial Data Analysis


Person visualizing data analysis needed to achieve investment success getty To invest well in 2022, investors need to know what’s happening. With the inflation cycle having arrived , fulsome analysis is critical. Having access to compete, relevant data is essential now because media coverage of inflation’s effects is incomplete and misleading.

Fortunately, there is an outstanding source, and it is free. The website, FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) , has been managed by the economic team at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for thirty years.

The data are updated as soon as reported, and the website provides a wide variety of analytical tools. Full history is maintained, and all is downloadable in many forms. Performing calculations and comparisons of multiple series is straightforward. Creating graphs is also easy, with the ability to adjust presentation characteristics. FRB of St Louis / FRED home page John Tobey (FRB of St Louis – FRED) An example of using FRED for economy analysis

The example below shows how to conduct an analysis of the recently released, but poorly reported, Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE). (For more explanation, see ” Investors: Media Confusion About Inflation Means We’re On Our Own “)

First, because most media reports […]

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