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Is a solar circular economy on the horizon?


Panels aren’t the only recycling consideration for developers, with shipping materials also posing issues. Credit: Green Clean Solar The solar industry’s manufacturing footprint, and indeed the projects themselves, are becoming ever larger, with more panels and other associated equipment being packaged and shipped globally. Now, as Emilie Oxel O’Leary, CEO at Green Clean Solar explains, the industry is getting serious on its end of life obligations and establishing a true circular economy

Expanding solar power production is key to reducing emissions worldwide. The International Energy Agency initially predicted that global solar energy would reach 550TWh in 2030 – that capacity was reached and beat as of 2018.

With greater heights in solar installation come greater needs for efficient and effective waste management of panels and installation by-products. As a rapidly scaling industry, it is inevitable that solar stakeholders begin taking end of life (EOL) panel waste seriously. As of early 2022, we’re beginning to see more global leaders address EOL panels as worldwide waste streams brace themselves for the influx. First wave generation and early EOL

We have about ten more years before we begin to see the first genuine wave of EOL panels. EOL panels have yet to be […]

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