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Is Art Political?


A screen covering a portion of Diego Rivera’s mural in the Great Hall of Rockefeller Center in New York, May 10, 1933.


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Editor’s note: In this Future View , students discuss if you can have good art with bad politics. Next we’ll ask, “Last month, an engineer claimed that Google’s artificial intelligence had gained sentience. What does AI do for society? How will machine learning change the human condition? Do we need to be worried about it?” Students should click here to submit opinions of fewer than 250 words before July 19. The best responses will be published that night. Email here for more information on how to add your voice to our Future View Snapchat show. Art Lives in History Modern condemnations of colonizers obscure history. Many later-colonized peoples enslaved, raped and pillaged conquered tribes or populations, similar to their future colonizers. To them, these practices were natural and logical—even morally correct. Can we truly judge these civilizations and their art based on criteria entirely unknown to them? From our comfortable modern-day armchairs it is easy to judge, since each of these practices is undoubtedly […]

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