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Is Critical Race Theory Too Complex for U.S. Politics?

Today’s problems call for less binary and more systems thinking

Economists are drawing on psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, physics, biology, mathematics and computer science to make economics better represent reality.

The U.S. is not the only country that neglects complex methods of analysis in its politics. Britain’s Brexit debate suffered from the same issue.

The U.S. educational system needs to integrate a broader understanding of mathematics and how mathematics done by computers helps us understand complex phenomena.

The United States has long struggled with the topic of race and racism. No surprise, then, that the controversy surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT) has blown up over the past few weeks.

This controversy not only illustrates how pervasive the problem still is. It also points to a broader issue affecting discussions of race, history, climate change, pandemics and economics.At issue is the ability of politics to confront issues that academia has begun using more complex methods to examine. The binary thinking of U.S. politics Today, the U.S. political system largely relies upon establishing a binary choice for voters.Meanwhile, for many of today’s problems, researchers use models that consider multiple causes, feedback loops and systemic structural […]

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