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Is Fast Fashion Moving Too Fast?


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Scholars assess what it will take to support sustainability within the global fashion industry.

Every year, the fashion sector emits 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases.

Fast fashion, which is a common business model for modern fashion retailers, emphasizes quick turnaround times for clothing manufacturing, low production costs, and high-volume outputs to keep up with current trends.

In a recent article , Meital Peleg Mizrachi and Alon Tal of Tel Aviv University call for regulatory action to achieve a more sustainable fashion industry. Mizrachi and Tal encourage policy changes to reshape fashion companies’ production schemes and economic business models.

Mizrachi and Tal describe a model for a more sustainable approach to fashion known as the circular economy. At its essence, a circular economy designs products in such a way that “supports sustainable development, social justice, and economic wellbeing.” This model promotes sustainability and equity by cutting down on waste and producing items that prioritize longevity of use and potential for reuse.Mizrachi and Tal contrast a sustainable fashion industry with the current industry emphasis on fast fashion.According to Mizrachi and Tal, critics of the industry express concern with brands’ use of sustainability in their marketing materials. Often, companies that claim to be sustainable […]

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