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Is Michigan Recruiting for the Best Job in Higher Ed?


3 questions for James DeVaney about the new role of Senior Director of Online Learning in Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation.

James DeVaney is the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Founding Executive Director for the Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) at the University of Michigan. CAI has just announced the creation of the inaugural role of a Senior Director of Online Learning . To help spread the word about this opportunity, and to think about what this development might mean for the rest of us in higher education, James agreed to answer my 3 questions.

Question 1: Before we talk about this new role, let’s try to give folks some context. What is the Center for Academic Innovation?

The Center for Academic Innovation exists to reconcile the good and bad news of today to shape a better tomorrow for the higher education community and its stakeholders. At this moment, the good news is that technology is beginning to catch up with what we know about pedagogy and design and as a result we now have the ability to dramatically expand equitable access to higher education, provide more inclusive learning environments for these growing communities, and facilitate ongoing […]

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