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Is Moss Is A Climate Change Superhero In Disguise?


Moss floor. Kyoto. About 2000. (Photo by Imagno/Getty Images) . Getty Images Ask most gardeners what they think of moss and the chances are you will get a string of expletives in return.

That’s because mosses are the scourge of the domestic, perfectly-manicured lawn. Those pesky green or yellowish-green tufts, which exist between the grass, have kept many of us awake at night, wondering how we can plot their demise and restore our lawns to their former glory.

But while moss might be a super-villain to many a gardener, they are actually superheroes when it comes to absorbing to air pollution and could be an important ally in the fight against climate change.

“When we started our pitches several years ago, we used to say we were like lawyers for moss,” explains Green City Solutions co-founder, Peter Sänger. “We wanted to improve its image, because so many people have moss in their garden and they dislike it, or they have it on the roof and it’s also not so good.”

Sänger says mosses are the oldest land plants on earth, dating back 450 million years and unlike others, they do not have a common root structure, and so they absorb everything they needs […]

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