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Is the music industry’s future on the blockchain?


3LAU, aka Justin Blau, performing in 2016 in New York City. One big knock on cryptocurrencies is that they’re a technology in search of a problem. Venture capitalists want to put everything on the blockchain and generate big returns, but why not just use a database instead? To skeptics, everything else in the space looks like noise — a bunch of grifters and try-hards changing their Twitter profile pictures to pixelated punks and apes in an effort to eventually flip those NFTs to a greater fool.

But even as my mentions and direct messages fill up with readers fulminating about crypto — last week, after this piece , a paid subscriber wrote to me telling me he hopes that I die! — good and useful new things keep revealing themselves. Like a video game that pays you to play it . Or a series of free NFTs that are now assembling themselves, based on the wishes of their various owners, into movies and games .

Skepticism is still warranted, as a group of thousands of people found out this week when they attempted to buy the Constitution and found themselves at a structural disadvantage . (They had to convert all their […]

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