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Is the recent wave of severe weather across the U.S. a harbinger for climate change?


The winter of 2021 is writing itself into the record books this week, with large swaths of the nation seeing the coldest weather in memory. But is this a particularly severe phase of winter weather or is there more to it than that?

Dev Niyogi, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences and Cockrell School of Engineering, joins Amna Nawaz to discuss. Read the Full Transcript

Judy Woodruff: The winter of 2021 is writing itself into the record books tonight. Large swathes of the nation are seeing the coldest weather in memory, and many thousands of homes are enduring it without power.

Amna Nawaz reports.

Amna Nawaz: Over 150 million Americans under winter and ice storm warnings today, as historically low temperatures blanket much of the U.S., including areas not accustomed to extreme conditions.

Amna Nawaz: In Seattle this weekend, almost nine inches of snow in a city that hasn’t seen that much snow since 1969. In Oklahoma, icy roads have led to fiery crashes. And, in Nashville, home security video captures a truck sliding sideways down a residential street.

In Kentucky, Governor Andy Beshear advised residents to limit travel. Gov. Andy […]

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