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Is US Healthcare Really Fairing That Well?


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many painful realities. Many we’ve known about, such as lack of preparedness for emerging infectious diseases, and some we’ve been frankly struggling with effectively combatting, such as systemic racism and health inequalities that challenge care. Prior to COVID-19 and well after, we will still be struggling with these issues and in a landscape of a somewhat broken approach to health.

Healthcare and public health in the United States are inherently complex and frankly, not something that guarantees successful outcomes. There is an assumption though, that Americans, as a result of our expenditures in health, have better health outcomes. From longer lives to less chronic illness, how much better are the health outcomes of Americans? Moreover, what about those of privileged US citizens when we compare them to those health outcomes of average residents in other developed countries?

A team of researchers wanted to address this very question . Were the health outcomes of White US citizens living within the 1% and 5% wealthiest counties that much better than those average citizens in other developed countries? In fact, the results were what you might expect.

The authors employed a comparative effectiveness study between January 2013 and December 2015, […]

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