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Israeli Startup Teaches Farmers How to ‘Speak Plant’ to Mitigate Impact of Climate Change


Growing avocados with the aid of SupPlant technology. Photo: SupPlant While many farmers and gardeners believe that talking to plants and crops helps them grow faster, an Israeli start-up is on a mission to translate what plants are telling farmers.

If plants could talk, what would they say? Would they ask for water, and how much? What are their needs when they are too hot or too cold? How can they be prepared for drastic climate changes? To answer all of these questions, SupPlant has created artificial intelligence-powered sensors, which are placed on plants and in the soil to monitor data and provide farmers with irrigation recommendations. The technology has been dubbed by TIME magazine as one of this year’s best inventions.

“Our vision is to digitally inform every irrigation command on earth,” Uri Ben Ner, CEO of SupPlant, told The Algemeiner . “Other than the fact that we [teach] farmers how to speak better plant, we let plants irrigate themselves. I know it sounds like a metaphor. It’s not. We literally let plants irrigate themselves.”

“What’s unique is our ability to understand best practices for farmers through talking to plants regarding climate changes and climate adaptive irrigation,” Ben Ner said. “The […]

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