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‘It helps me be myself’: trans kids on the healthcare Republicans want to deny them


Lawmakers in Arkansas are voting this week to restrict medical care for transgender children and punish doctors who treat them, in one of more than a dozen US states where Republicans are pushing sweeping bans on trans youth healthcare.

Proponents of the healthcare bans argue that kids are too young to consent to treatments like hormone therapy and puberty blockers and that the bills aim to prevent “medical experimentation” on children. Some bills claim that trans kids “will outgrow” their identities.

But supporters of gender-affirming healthcare, including major medical associations , human rights groups and affected families, say that the treatments are well established and part of a gradual process that has been shown to dramatically improve the mental health of the most vulnerable kids. The bills, they argue, misrepresent the care model with false and fearmongering narratives. Trans teens who have received treatments say they would suffer serious harm if they were stripped of the care.

“We’re talking about criminalizing doctors for providing best-practice medical care to their patients, and making it child abuse for parents to support access for their children,” said Kasey Suffredini, CEO of Freedom for All Americans, an LGBTQ+ rights group. “These bills are very, very extreme […]

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