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It’s time to standardize robotic surgery


The global surgical robotics market is expanding rapidly and may soon be worth $120B. But is the medical training ecosystem ready for the shift to robot-assisted surgeries?

As more surgeons use robots in the OR , the approach for training on them and using them needs to be standardized. The truth is that all surgeons aren’t approaching this innovative tech the same way. Standardized best practices are what set surgeons and patients up for success, and will help to make robotic surgery safer in the future.

So how do we improve it?

There are a handful of new challenges the surgical team faces with robots: how to collaborate, how to coordinate (both the physical setup and the tasks), and how to communicate. What’s needed is a concerted effort to make sure all surgeons are using the robots the way they were intended so surgery is efficient and effective.

Two medtech startups that are leading the charge on this are Explorer Surgical , which is a digital playbook that walks every team member in surgery through the steps to be successful, and Osso VR , which trains surgeons using high-fidelity VR. I recently connected with Justin Barad, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR, […]

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