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Jackie Toledo: Florida gears up to address climate change

Florida is moving the ball down the field on electric vehicles—and not a moment too soon. There’s an old joke from the early days of the auto industry. An automobile passenger says to his driver, “Can’t you go any faster than this?”

“Sure,” says the driver, “but I have to stay with the car.”

The joke is still bad, but cars have come a long way over the last one hundred years. Today, electric vehicles promise to improve our air quality and help address climate change.

Each year, that dream gets closer to becoming a reality — and in 2021, we’re closer than ever before. That’s why I am sponsoring electric vehicle (EV) legislation to help Floridians capitalize on the economic benefits of a rapidly changing EV marketplace. My bill, HB 817 will help drivers take advantage of decreasing prices and the growing number of EV models available to consumers.

Florida is currently #2 in electric vehicle sales in the U.S. but lags in supporting infrastructure. HB 817 would expand electric vehicle infrastructure in Florida and incorporate emerging technologies into the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) mission while creating a grant program to help increase electric vehicle charging stations across Florida. Sen, Jeff Brandes […]

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