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January 6 further exposed America’s partisan fault lines – and the rift is deepening


Washington CNN —

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With the first public hearing investigating the January 6 insurrection on Thursday , an important question has resurfaced: Just how close is the US to breaking down into conflict?

In some ways, the attack should’ve been a wake-up call, and an opportunity for Republican voters and their leaders to distance themselves from Donald Trump. After all, a sitting president had exhorted his acolytes to lay siege to the US Capitol and overturn the results of an election.

Yet more than a year after the breach, the potential for violent political struggle has hardly receded – and that’s at least in part because of the state of partisanship in the US.

Some Republican voters continue to falsely believe that Joe Biden stole the 2020 contest from Trump , and too many GOP lawmakers have used the Big Lie to support their efforts to pursue aggressive gerrymanders and pass restrictive voting laws – to shut their Democratic rivals out of power.Maybe even more worrying is the fact that the country’s two main political parties are increasingly organized […]

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