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JD Vance excuses “violent” marriages. He opposes same-sex marriages


J. D. Vance speaking at a Turning Point USA in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Gage Skidmore A Republican Senate candidate suggested that people should stay in “violent” marriages for the sake of their children as he opposes same-sex marriage and even letting kids learn that same-sex couples exist.

Author JD Vance, who’s running for a U.S. Senate seat from Ohio, was speaking at Pacifica Christian High School in California last year when he said that people now “shift spouses like they change their underwear.”

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“This is one of the great tricks that I think the sexual revolution pulled on the American populace, which is the idea that like, ‘Well, OK, these marriages were fundamentally, you know, they were maybe even violent, but certainly they were unhappy. And so getting rid of them and making it easier for people to shift spouses like they change their underwear, that’s going to make people happier in the long term,’” he said.

“And maybe it worked out for the moms and dads, though I’m skeptical. But it really didn’t work out for the kids of those marriages. And that’s what I think all of […]

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