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Patient Engagement

A mobile patient engagement IT expert discusses next steps for the technologies that have grown in use and popularity during the pandemic. Joshua Titus, CEO and founder of Gozio Health. Patient portals have become a more important patient engagement tool than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, not only serving as the digital front door for healthcare provider organizations but also as the primary way for communicating with physicians and nurses and even receiving care through telehealth.

Many patients have grown accustomed to this digital healthcare, even preferring it, while many patients yearn for in-person care, though still can benefit from mobile patient engagement technologies. So what can provider organizations do to continue to appeal to all of these patients with digital health tools, and what can they do to bolster their digital front door offerings?

Healthcare IT News interviewed Joshua Titus, CEO and founder of Gozio Health, a mobile patient engagement IT vendor, to dive into this subject and explore some of the technologies involved.

Q: As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more healthcare encounters shifted to a virtual format. Suddenly, many consumers desire digital health that simplifies access to care and care information […]

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