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Kristine Goes Green: Ecology and the Economy


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We’re at a turning point in the country where ecological prosperity is directly affected by economic drive. Embedded into our country’s economic system lie several ecological disasters that environmentalists are begging to be prevented and adjusted for.

Professor Robert Costanza, an ecological economics expert at the University of Vermont, describes what the concept of “ecological economics” really is. The “trans-disciplinary field,” described to Yale Insights, acts as “a bridge across not only ecology and economics but also psychology, anthropology, archaeology and history,” said Costanza. The concept aims to think about economics in a way that recognizes humans’ role in the environment. Humans are a part of other larger ecosystems that are all interdependent. Choosing environmental cooperation over capital greed is the kind of value that ecological economics brings, and we want to see more of this sustainable application as we deal with the increasingly complicated climate crisis.

In terms of physical sustainability, it would not hurt to also consider the differences between practicing a circular economy versus a linear economy. A linear economy — the kind of system we typically practice, where resources are used and discarded in order to feed mass consumption — assumes the […]

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