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LastPass review: A leading password manager with a changing value proposition


LastPass When it comes to privacy tools, Andrew Carnegie is usually dead wrong. In the case of password managers , however, Carnegie is usually more dead than wrong. So much of our online privacy and security rely on guarding the single digital basket — a well-chosen password manager — into which we’ve entrusted every login key. To wit, I’ve been using LastPass so long I don’t know when I started using LastPass. But now — with new restrictions on LastPass’ once-legendary free service and the discovery of the web-trackers in the software — I’m finally making the switch.

True to millennial peerage, though, I didn’t stick around because I’m brand-loyal. I’ve test-driven other password managers , and with a growing stack of encryption lit at my office-away-from-office, I’m itching to get further under their hoods. LastPass, until recently, outlasted them all. While I’m personally moving over to Bitwarden — which remains free across multiple devices and has a strong open-source foundation — I’m still steering plenty of less-techie folks to LastPass, thanks to its overall ease of use.

While LastPass’ extensive free tier gave it a wide margin of victory over its competition against competitors like 1Password , restricting its free […]

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