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Leaders in sports, business and politics get credit—and blame. How much do they really deserve?


To statistically test leader effects, Profs. Christopher Berry and Anthony Fowler have devised an innovative method—one that can be applied to sports and business, as well as local and foreign governments. Harris study: Coaches impact performance outcomes—especially in college—but CEOs don’t

After winning six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady won an unprecedented seventh championship in 2021 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—raising questions about how much he needed Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to win his six previous titles. Prof. Christopher Berry In the business world, investors might be asking themselves something similar as Jeff Bezos transitions out of his role as Amazon’s CEO. Politicians have been subject to these discussions too: How much credit should presidents get for economic growth? How much blame do mayors deserve for spikes in violent crime?

A new study from University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Profs. Christopher Berry and Anthony Fowler challenges assumptions about leadership by investigating whether the decisions and actions of coaches, CEOs, and political executives at the national, state and local level materially change the course of events.

“From barstools to boardrooms, how much leaders matter remains a subject of impassioned debate and has […]

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