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Lessons for Healthcare from a Business Perspective


Providers care for hundreds of patients every day, but in many ways, they work with even more customers, especially outside hospital walls. Customers expect convenience and responsiveness from the businesses they frequent. But as patients, many still deal with outdated processes that hamper a seamless care experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need for healthcare organizations to take lessons from other industries to stay agile and resilient. Providers stood up telehealth services where there weren’t any in a matter of days. Digital patient access became a priority.

As organizations look to cement their care strategies for the future, they should consider how key partnerships, improving operational analytics and identifying the mission-aligned big picture will keep them in step with the changing healthcare landscape.

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Partnerships can help healthcare organizations boost operations and ultimately provide better patient care. When it’s not possible to build a solution in-house, it’s beneficial to partner with vendors or entrepreneurs that can share their expertise and services.

Organizations with IT staffing shortages, for example, can turn to partner-delivered services to fill a need quickly and efficiently. Such […]

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