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Letter: Public education should be prioritized over voucher programs


Indiana’s school voucher program began in 2011 with the stated purpose to improve education for low-income students. Since that time, it has grown to $176 million per year.

Is it worth the investment, and does it achieve the original goal of improving the education of low-income students?

Data from the National Education for Educational Progress shows that when a student’s socio-economic status is factored in, private school students do not perform any better than public school students. (Public schools continue to enroll low income students at a much higher rate than private schools.)

A scientific study of Indiana students with randomized groups, done by the University of Notre Dame, showed that students receiving vouchers did no better on the state test for language arts and actually performed worse in mathematics than their counterparts in public schools.

Most of the students using the vouchers are not from low-income families, and most never attended public school and would be attending private school even without the program.

Since the start of the voucher program, Indiana public schools have dropped to 41st in the nation in per-pupil spending. Teacher pay in Indiana is 18% below the national average. Our teachers earn less than […]

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