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Letters to editor: Recall election, deficits and climate change

American’s sacred rights under assault by progressives

Today, America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are under full assault from those claiming to know what’s best for everybody. The two most hated Rights? The First and Second Amendments. They are the real roadblock to tyranny because of their precepts. The First Amendment promises freedom to worship and freedom to speak your mind regardless of opposition or censors. Both the religious and speech aspects require the freedom of the human minds and the government is forbidden to butt in. Period. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms and is a natural right to life. No man may be denied his right to self-defense. Period. However, today’s progressives are making rash promises based on the people ceding all of their rights for the nanny state and a free ride. Who will pay for the freebies goes unanswered because of the tragic facts facing reality. Their tools are Race, hate, greed, and envy.

— Vernon Packer, Redding Republicans stance on deficits ring hollow

Congressional Republicans shouldn’t be so holier-than-thou criticizing President Biden’s investment in infrastructure and other programs that will benefit most Americans and boost the economy. […]

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