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Letters to editor: Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and climate change


Rush Limbaugh’s legacy is a dark one for America

Rush Limbaugh wanted one thing: Attention, whatever way he could find it. Make no mistake, it was all about him. He looked inside himself and found the dark area we all carry. He saw that his darkness had a market and could bring him fame and fortune. He could have taken those feelings and help create an atmosphere of hope, promise, and a path out. But instead, he found an audience by finding their darkness and fed it with lies and conspiracies. The darker his thoughts the more he created. He amplified the hurt in people’s lives and encouraged their need to find scapegoats as the cause of it but not to take personal responsibility for it. It gave him the fame he craved. How awful to spend your life full of such darkness, rage, and hatred. He made hatred mainstream and made it so that his followers see only the worst in themselves and the world instead of the best.

— Joyce Lively, Redding Future belongs to forward-looking utilities

It was good to see Mr. Krattenmakers’s recent opinion piece in the RS in support of clean energy and […]

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