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Letters: Why our city should work to stop climate change


If you are reading this article, chances are that you’re doing so from indoors, hiding from “smoke season.” Or maybe you are outdoors, and a tiny itch is growing in the back of your throat.

Missoula’s bright blue big sky is probably more of a bland gray, shot through with red sun. Right now, somewhere in Montana, someone’s neighbor, sibling, or spouse is risking their life to control an increasingly hard-to-control wildfire. You might be tempted to call this a “typical Montana summer.”

It isn’t.

Montana only received a quarter of its normal precipitation in June, according to the latest drought monitor. In fact, droughts in Western Montana have become more and more common, leaving our agricultural industry bearing the burden each year. Wildfires have already erupted in all of the surrounding areas, covering Missoula in thick smoke. We see the smoke fill our valley, our lungs, and we all know to expect it to happen again and again.

The effects of the climate crisis are front and center in our lives. How will we enjoy our beautiful town when we can’t breathe fresh air outside all summer? What will fishing look like in Western Montana in the worst drought […]

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