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LG OLED TV gets more affordable with A1 series starting at $1,300


The G1 Evo Gallery series promises better OLED picture quality than ever. OLED is the king of TVs and LG is the king of OLED. The company offers more varieties of OLED screen than any manufacturer and its 2021 lineup is more diversified than ever, in both price and capability. There’s a step-up G1 series called Evo that packs an all-new panel that’s been re-engineered to improve light output , but the biggest news to mainstream shoppers is the launch of a new A1 series that’s easier on the wallet, if not exactly cheap.

The new A1 series starts at $1,300 for the 48-inch size. That’s not quite the lowest price we’ve seen for any OLED — the sale price for Vizio’s 55-inch, 2020 model is $1,200 right now — but it represents a new low for LG’s initial pricing, and is sure to fall later in the year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that A1 get down to $1,000 for the holiday season in the 48-inch and maybe even the 55-inch size.

The bad news for video quality aficionados is that the A1 has lower-end specifications that could cause its image quality to lag slightly behind other OLED TVs […]

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