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LGBTQ advocates sue Ghana’s government after human rights workshop raid


Two lawsuits filed on behalf of attendees of a 2021 LGBTQ human rights training workshop in Ghana offer some hope for the future of LGBTQ rights in the country.

In May 2021, 21 people were arrested after Ghanaian police raided the workshop focused on documenting and reporting human rights violations against LGBTQ people. The group has since become known in Ghana as the HO21.

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As PinkNews reports, last month two separate lawsuits were filed in the Ghana High Court against the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General of Ghana on behalf of four members of the HO21.

“These individuals were subjected to harassment, assault, discriminatory treatment, and other violations of their constitutional rights. We only hope that the court will give them justice based on the enormous evidence that is before them,” said Richard Fischere Kwofie, director of Queer Ghana Education Fund. “We are ready to seek redress for all human rights violations against persons perceived to be LGBTQ+, including violations committed by Ghana police and the state, and this is because of the trust that we have in our judicial system.”

One of the lawsuits filed on […]

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