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LGBTQ students at Christian colleges file class-action lawsuit to stop religious exemption

Person clutching a Bible but looking ashamed Thirty-three LGBTQ students who attended religious colleges and universities have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Education, saying that giving religious exemptions to colleges so that they can discriminate against LGBTQ students resulted in harassment, conversion therapy, expulsion, and humiliation.

Danielle Powell is one of the plaintiffs, and she attended Grace University in Louisiana. She’s pansexual, and in her senior year she had feelings for another woman at the school and she came out.

She said that the school put her through a disciplinary process, punished, humiliated, and ultimately expelled her. But that wasn’t enough – Grace University demanded that she reimburse the school for the thousands of dollars she had already received in scholarship funds.

“I have lost so much due to Grace University’s actions,” Powell said. “I lost respect, equal treatment, vocational opportunities, financial earnings, anonymity, etc. I do not want other students to have to face these same losses.”

Grace University receives federal funds, like most colleges in the U.S. But the federal government isn’t doing anything about their actions because Title IX, the law that bans discrimination based on sex (and, therefore, bans anti-LGBTQ discrimination) in educational programs, has a […]

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