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Lights Out: Climate Change Could Plunge America Into Darkness. Here’s Why.


Electricity is an essential part of modern life and important to many basic services, including healthcare, transportation and even water. But as climate change accelerates, the electrical system in the United States will face more frequent extreme weather events that could cause outdated infrastructure to fail, potentially leaving millions of people without heat and other essentials in life-threatening conditions.

Over the past three decades, extreme weather events such as hurricanes, ice storms, floods, heat waves, droughts and wildfires have become more common and costly in the U.S. — a shift that’s attributed to the changing climate. Unfortunately, at the same time, the nation’s electrical system has become increasingly susceptible to damage caused by these events, according to Jordan Kern , an assistant professor of forestry and environmental resources at NC State’s College of Natural Resources.

“The grid is kind of old, and weather is arguably getting more extreme, so it’s becoming more vulnerable to weather impacts of different types because of that,” Kern said.

The U.S. electrical system consists of three major “grids” that span the Lower 48: the Eastern Interconnection, the Western Interconnection, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. In a recent assessment , the American Society of Civil Engineers […]

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