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Living with COVID-19 will not be easy for many Americans suffering from long COVID-19, particularly those from diverse communities



In his State of the Union address earlier this year, President Joe Biden spoke of a “new moment” where the coronavirus will be more manageable and the need for masks less frequent. States have moved toward this transition as positive cases, hospitalization, and deaths began to drop. In the first week of March, governors in Mississippi, Texas , Alabama , Arizona, West Virginia and Connecticut announced significant loosening of statewide pandemic restrictions like mask mandates and indoor capacity limits. These states joined several others in loosening statewide coronavirus restrictions much earlier in the year. Keon Gilbert, a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution Camille Busette As we transition toward directly battling COVID-19 to the next phase in the process, we must note that “living with the virus” means something much different for those struggling with the symptoms of long COVID-19. Long COVID-19 is associated with chronic symptoms like fatigue, cognitive problems, and respiratory challenges that can linger for months after the initial coronavirus infection has passed. Long-haulers , or people who experience prolonged symptoms more than three or four weeks after infection could need several months to recover.

It is important to recognize […]

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