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Local arts programs impact the economy and culture of Hampton County


How do local arts programs impact the economy and culture of Hampton County?

While there is no current county-specific data for Hampton County, we do know that the arts as a whole have a great impact statewide and nationally, not just on the economy but also on education, communities and our culture.

“Artists and creatives as a whole comprise roughly the same percentage of the U.S. workforce as do the combined Armed Forces,” said Heather Bruemmer, Executive Director of the Hampton Friends of the Arts. “As a segment of the economy, the Arts is larger than Agriculture or Tourism. A thriving cultural landscape not only makes Hampton County a better place to live, but it creates a better environment for business and better prepares our children for the economy of the future. We are looking at a not-so-distant future where many jobs in today’s economy will be lost to automation. Human creativity is the one thing that can never be replicated by machines.”

Bruemmer said that Americans for the Arts regularly conduct studies on the impact of the arts and generate national and statewide data, which arts supporters use to influence decision-makers to support local programming, but gathering specific local data is […]

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