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Long Before The Pandemic, The UN Was Urging Us to Transform Our Economic System


Man in face mask in Porto, Portugal, in February 2021. (Miguel Riopa/Getty Images) No matter what your experience was of 2020, there’s no doubt that the past year has been incredibly challenging not only for the planet, but the creatures living on it too – humans included.

We have lost million of lives to a pandemic that may have been linked to climate change , and lived through massive temperature extremes, from cold snaps so intense they confused satellites and left millions freezing without power , to bushfires that raged across continent s.

Not to mention the lingering presence of drought , pollution in our air (which also exacerbates the impacts of COVID-19 ) and water , and major inequality in healthcare and living standards .

If it wasn’t already clear, after the past 12 months it’s now undeniable: our current way of life is pushing the planet beyond its physical boundaries, and we’re all starting to feel the impact.

But despite a slight dip at the start of pandemic, capitalism – and our CO2 emissions – have never been stronger. Among its many impacts, COVID-19 has many experts suggesting that the financial market is now totally detached from reality .

This link between […]

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