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LORENZEN | Political Debate Fatigue


There was a time when I loved to debate about politics. Whether it was making idealistic points like a low-budget Aaron Sorkin wannabe while dressed to the nines as a high school debater, casually arguing with friends while eating Louie’s well past midnight or participating in the web of countless cordial and sometimes less than cordial debates which make up Cornell’s political discourse — I loved it all. But these days, I’m not sure that I still do. And I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling.

I am still fervently dedicated to politics. That hasn’t changed whatsoever. I follow the news like I need it to breathe. I eagerly look forward to every government class I take and every fascinating political speaker who virtually visits the University. I still like talking about politics with my close friends. But when it comes to the debates, the arguments, the fiery and occasionally vitriolic partisan clashes, I find myself simply exhausted.

Those types of debates are occasionally necessary. That’s why I’ve started them at times, sometimes controversially so, through my columns. That’s why I tend to find the responses to those columns far more important and thought-provoking than whatever I wrote in the […]

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