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Loss brings poet to create anthology seeking to reimage our nation


Dana Teen Lomax at the Gualala Arts Center, where she is poet-in-residence.

As a longtime poet, Dana Teen Lomax knows how inspiration can sometimes come from the most unlikeliest of places. But, she never imagined that the intense period of grief she went through losing her parents, best friend, cousin, a nephew and family dog one after another would be the catalyst toward something beautiful — “The Beautiful: Poets Reimagine a Nation” (April 2022, Gualala Arts), the latest anthology she’s edited.

“I hadn’t had that kind of loss before, and it was just devastating,” says Lomax, a former San Quentin resident who moved to Sea Ranch recently after 30 years in the Bay Area. “It was a lot of loss and grief and I didn’t know how I was going to keep going forward. I needed to find beauty, and I thought, ‘What if you put together a book and have beauty come to you from people that you admire and respect?’

“At the same time, we had all sorts of turmoil socially and I thought this is going to be the antidote and it was in a certain way. I thought if I need this, there […]

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