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Lyft driver shuts down racist passengers in viral video


The passenger apologized insincerely after her racist comments Photo: Screenshot A video of a Lyft driver in Pennsylvania standing up to racist customers has gone viral.

The video shows a white woman getting in the back of Lyft driver James Bode’s car.

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“For Jackie, right?” Bode asks.

“Yeah,” the woman responds. “You’re like a white guy… Are you, like, a white guy?”

Bode seems confused and says, “Excuse me?”“[inaudible] like a normal guy, like you speak English?” she said. She then said “sorry” and patted Bode on the arm.“No, you can get out of the car,” Bode said. “That’s inappropriate. It’s completely inappropriate.”“What?” the woman shouted.“If someone was not white sitting in this seat what would be the difference?” Bode asked.Bode explained what happened to man outside of the car who was with the woman. “That’s ok, I’m not gonna take your ride, you guys can get out.”“You’re a f**king a**hole,” the man responded. “I’m gonna punch you in the f**king face.”“You guys are racist f**ks,” Bode said.“F**king [n-word]-lover,” the man shouted.Bode threatened to call the police. I don’t […]

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