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Majority Of Americans Rate Online Education Same Or Better Than In-Person


We have reached the tipping point on opinions about the quality of online education and it will … [+] getty A majority of Americans (55%) say the quality of online education is the same as or better than in-person education. These ratings ( according to a New America survey ) are up precipitously over the past year; from 2021 to 2022 the percent saying “better than” more than doubled from 3% to 8% and the percent saying “same as” rose nearly 40% from 34% to 47%. This is a stunning acceleration in favorable views of online education and is a real tipping point that may present an existential threat for many in-person educational programs and residential-based colleges.

The pandemic introduced most of the world to some form of online education and work. And although people were exposed to widely varying degrees of quality (ranging from hasty, make-shift Zoom classes to highly sophisticated, world-class online courses), the overall consensus is that online education is on par with or better than classroom-based education. Just as hybrid and remote work is here to stay, it appears so is online education. And this has enormous implications for every educational institution, educator and employer.

The late […]

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