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Managing safety in the face of climate change – how businesses should prepare


Scotland has endured some of the worst storms in years this winter, from Arwen to Dudley and Eunice. With the consequences of climate change intensifying, such severe and often unpredictable weather is set to become more common. This situation presents a range of health and safety challenges for businesses across a number of industries.

Our national infrastructure is facing extremes of weather that could not have been predicted when it was designed. Current extremes of weather present a real challenge for modern infrastructure, let alone for something designed and built decades ago. Investment in more resilient infrastructure, or in innovative measures to protect existing infrastructure, is a cost which businesses cannot avoid if they want to remain compliant with their health and safety duties. Changes in the weather create new considerations for the likes of power companies, emergency vehicle recovery firms, transport providers and others on the front line which are having to send out employees to do essential jobs during and after extreme weather incidents.

Against this backdrop, employers need to be aware of their legal duties in relation to health and safety. They need a considered approach to balancing the need to ensure continued delivery of what are often […]

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