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Mayo Clinic to study respiratory muscle training as long COVID treatment


Photo by Westend61/Getty Images An upcoming clinical trial conducted by Mayo Clinic seeks to identify new methods for treating post-acute COVID syndrome (PACS), also known as long COVID.

The study is teaming up with PN Medical, the maker of a line of cardiopulmonary training devices, to test the effectiveness of respiratory muscle training (RMT) for accelerating recovery and improving symptoms of COVID-19.

Called the COVID Virtual Recovery Study, the clinical trial will be conducted completely virtually over a four-week period. Mayo Clinic’s researchers are focusing on people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have completed a 14-30 day quarantine.

Participants of the study will receive one of PN Medical’s respiratory muscle training devices, either The Breather or Breather Fit, and follow a training plan on the Breather Coach connected app.

The researchers will be assessing participants’ functional recovery, mental wellbeing and their ability to return to work or to pre-COVID daily activities.

PN Medical and Mayo Clinic are enrolling participants now. WHY THIS MATTERS More than a third of COVID-19 patients have had lingering symptoms for months after infection, according to a University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health Research study . Common symptoms of long COVID include shortness of breath, […]

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