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Medical residents can benefit from workflow-specific EHR training


A study published in JMIR Medical Education found that an electronic health record simulation provided during the first year of residency was enjoyable and effective at changing behavior.

Researchers from Oregon Health and Science University found that participants in the EHR simulation activity found it useful both immediately and after six months.

“This suggests that workflow-specific simulation-based EHR training throughout training is of educational benefit to residents,” they wrote in the study.


The researchers note that the widespread use of EHRs has led to a number of unintended consequences – including potential patient harm when information is not properly entered, retrieved or processed.

They also flag the increase in burnout levels , explaining that EHR complexity has increased the amount of time providers spend documenting.”Central to addressing both of these issues is the improvement in EHR education to ensure providers are capable of safe, effective, and efficient use of the EHR in the context of their specific, daily workflow,” the study reads.The OHSU team also cited residents’ desire for more EHR education, along with the challenges in implementing it.”The utilization of EHR simulations that feature patient records has gained traction as a solution for these problems in EHR education […]

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