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Medication decision support systems help build a resilient digital healthcare foundation


Putting in place the building blocks for a strong but flexible digital healthcare foundation that can improve clinical and business performance is a complex undertaking. Medication decision support can be a key component of digital healthcare maturity, with the ability to impact both quality of care and operating efficiency.

A recent HIMSS report noted that organizations worldwide at different stages of maturity can benefit from developing their digital foundation through information-rich decision support solutions, both external and interoperable with their electronic health record (EHR): “Clinicians can better inform care and decision-making, patients can become more active participants in their care plans, and Health IT developers and implementers can leverage evidence to create and adopt systems that support clinical processes and improve care delivery.”

To make this task easier, technology leaders can use three core criteria to assess and prioritize investments that move their organizations along the digital maturity curve. Investments should:

> Enable the organization to advance or meet HIT accreditation to increase patient and clinician confidence.

Align caregivers by providing one trusted source of truth to inform and expedite clinical knowledge-sharing and decision-making.

Support and strengthen the organization’s digital foundation to meet current and future clinical, organizational, and operating goals. […]

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