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Medics for the People has a radical plan to rebuild healthcare in Belgium and Europe


Medics for the People (Médecine Pour Le Peuple, MPLP) marked 50 years of providing health care to people in Belgium in 2021. The network of health houses currently employs more than 200 health workers in 11 health centers across Belgium, providing care to approximately 25,000 patients. This May, they launched a new mission statement in which they outlined their vision of how the healthcare system in Belgium can be changed in order to better serve the needs of the people. People’s Health Dispatch spoke to Janneke Ronse, President of MPLP, to learn more about the role the mission statement will play in the organization’s work and what effects it will have on the people who access healthcare services through MPLP’s health houses.

People’s Health Dispatch (PHD) : First of all, can you tell us why the new mission statement is important for MPLP?

Janneke Ronse (JR) : Well, MPLP was established in 1971 by a group of physicians who were also members of the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB/PVDA). They did this because they felt the need to translate words to action, to ensure that healthcare is accessible to the people who need it, and this included […]

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