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Meet the Climate Change Activists of TikTok


Emma Pattee


03.11.2021 09:00 AM Meet the Climate Change Activists of TikTok

A crop of eco-creators is bent on educating their followers about the looming global disaster. Can their message translate into action? To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories . Photograph: Mischa Keijser/Getty Images When Louis Levanti woke up one morning last September, climate change wasn’t on his mind. “I was never huge into researching climate change, but I was aware that it is real.” So when the 24-year-old TikTok creator, who lives with his parents on Long Island, opened his phone and saw something about a clock being unveiled, he wasn’t initially interested. “I rolled my eyes thinking it had something to do with the stock market.”

The Climate Clock, in Union Square in New York City, counts down how much time we have left to act before climate change is irreversible. Levanti, who normally posts videos with topics like “weird food that celebrities like to eat” or “annoying things people do at the gym,” was distressed, and he immediately decided to make a TikTok video about it. “It’s a problem that can’t be ignored,” he said. “Why not responsibly use my […]

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