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Meet the SMU law professor reshaping the Dallas law system


Pamela Metzger’s interest in social justice started with her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, where she studied feminist theory and created a guide with chapters that are still used to teach the theory. Afterward, she got her J.D. from New York University School of Law and later served in New York as a federal defender and a visiting law professor at Washington and Lee University. It was there that Metzger directed the Alderson Legal Clinic for Women in Prison.

“When I first started out as a young lawyer, there would be days when I would be the only woman in court as a lawyer… People would assume I was the clerk or secretary and nevermind mansplaining, you just couldn’t get a word in,” she says.

However, that has changed drastically.

“One thing women have brought into the profession coming in as a minority of the participants has been to say, ‘Hey, we need to pay more attention to other things besides just trials and who can power down the podium the loudest,’” she says. “We need to think about the social conditions that people are coming from and what their life experiences are like.”

In 2001, Metzger moved to New Orleans, where she taught […]

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